Welcome to the Central Division Alpine Skills Development Website. This is a forum for our ASDW event information and to share resources, tools, and tips to help you with Alpine Skills Development.  The 2020 theme for the ASDW is Training Tomorrow’s Leaders .  Unfortunately, the Division leadership board has canceled all Division and Region face-to-face education and credentialing events for the 2020/21 season.  The good news is that instructors, Senior Evaluators, and IT’s will get a buy this season and will have to recertify during the 2021/2022 season.  This was a very hard decision for the board to make.

Since the ASDW event has been canceled, the ASDW team is putting together some virtual training videos over the early part of the season.  We will keep you informed as to when they are available for your use.

The Skills Development Team has developed a reference card on skiing and toboggan essentials, including the five fundamentals.  The 2019 card is now posted – Download a print copy here or from the Alpine area of the website.  Skills Summary Card

We use the Assessment form to provide a written take-away document to each participants that confirms their participation, and certifications, and provides specific performance feedback for later reference.  A copy of the form is available here for download to use for other events if desired:  Assessment Form (pdf form) or Assessment Form (word doc).

What is good skiing?  PSIA has developed Five Fundamentals of good skiing – review highlights in Robin Barnes video from Interski 2015.

This website is intended to provide you with a consolidated point of reference for the many resources available for SnowSports Skills Development for Central Division trainers.  Be sure to also refer to the NSP Central Division Website for overall guidance and program information.  This site is a supplement, not replacement for the CD and national websites .

Event participants are welcome to provide feedback on any of the skills events by selecting 2019 ASDW Feedback form at right under DIVISION SKILLS TEAM to enter your event feedback online.  We look forward to receiving your input!

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